President's Message - LIFE WITH AAA

Kirk Hendrix

Happy New Year. Let's make it a great one together. 

Your AAA Hoosier Motor Club team is focused on continually finding ways to be more valuable to you. Our quest: making life with AAA easy, safe, and fun. 

Let's start with easy. We have taken many steps to put your AAA member bene­fits in the palm of your hand with the AAA Mobile App. With just a few clicks you can request roadside assistance, search for AAA Discounts & Rewards® near you, and even access your digital membership card with ease. 

Safety is paramount at AAA particularly when it comes to serving you road­side. We recently unveiled a new safety product called Safety Cloud which sends electronic alerts to passing vehicles who are technically equipped to receive them. This message encourages motorists to slow down and move over as we are serving a member on the side of the road. This protects you, our driver/technicians, and gen­eral motorists in the service area. Since our launch last summer, we have sent about 300,000 safety alerts and undoubtedly protected many. 
Connecting fun to your AAA membership can take many forms - like treating yourself to travel and using your membership to save significant money. Use our travel agents to book a trip and secure the best deals, AAA member-only discounts on hotels, rental cars, theme park and attraction tickets. Or secure discounts on everyday use items as those savings alone can more than cover the cost of your membership. On average, AAA members save more than $15 0 annually in savings through the AAA Discounts & Rewards® Program. And it's not uncommon for us to see members saving more than $1,000 in a single year through discounts and their member services value. 

Please log into your AAA account and make any updates, add a current email address, to ensure you aren't missing out. 

Let's ensure you are getting the most out of your AAA membership, and that having it makes your life a little easier, safer, and certainly more fun.