Tips on Preserving Your Phone Battery on the Go

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You rely on your phone more than ever while traveling. It’s your camera, your lifeline to social media, a phrase translator, and a nearby restaurant locator, among other things. Is it any wonder battery life drains so quickly? But not to worry—there are battery- life preserving hacks that can make all the difference when you’re on the go.

Here are five tips to help you preserve phone battery life whether you’re day tripping or globetrotting to some dream destination.

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Smartphone Battery, brought to you by Sprint

Dim the screen brightness or use auto brightness
Extend the life of your battery dramatically by using auto-brightness — it adjusts the screen’s brightness to ambient lighting levels. For better results turn your screen’s brightness down to the lowest setting.

Keep the screen timeout short
This refers to the time it takes for your smartphone to go to sleep (Screen turns off ). Every second counts here, so consider reducing that figure to 30 seconds or less.

Turn off Wi-Fi
Leaving Wi-Fi on is a serious battery drainer. Turn it off when you go out the door, and turn it back on only when you plan to use a Wi-Fi network.

Don’t leave apps running in the background Apps running can burn a lot of energy. By killing apps that you aren’t actually using, you can drastically reduce your CPU’s workload and cut down on its power consumption.

Don’t use vibrate
Did you know that vibrating uses much more power than playing a ringtone does? After all, a ringtone only has to make a tiny membrane in your phone’s speaker vibrate enough to produce sound.

Refer to your smartphone’s general settings, or you can always contact your carrier for assistance, at their local store, online or over-the-phone.