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Be Document-Ready
Kirk Hendrix

As cruise ships take to the waters, now is the time to plan your long-awaited trip. The cruise industry has worked diligently to make cruising as pleasurable as always, yet, as safe as possible. Certainly, one thing to ensure seamless travel is making sure that your vital documents remain current. If your travels require a passport, please keep in mind that it needs to be current; meaning that it has not yet expired, and that it will be valid a least six months after your return from your trip. Routine processing takes 10-12 weeks so planning ahead is critical. Conveniently, you may renew your passport on-line at You need only to apply in person if you are applying for the first time. And while AAA does not provide passports, we do offer instant passport photo services at all of our branch locations. We produce color photos which are valid for passports, visas and international driving permits. This service is free of charge to AAA Premier members; $15 for a set of two photos for all other members; and $25 for non-members.

If your travel plans are domestic in nature, there are changes coming for which you will need to prepare. The deadline has now been extended to May 3, 2023 for U.S. travelers to obtain a REAL ID , required to board domestic flights. So we suggest you take time to complete this now to avoid a last-minute scramble. When you go to the BMV, you will need a variety of documents to obtain a REAL ID. Among others, you will need to illustrate proof of identity such as a U.S. issued-birth certificate, an unexpired passport or foreign passport accompanied by a valid visa and I-94 form (obtainable at www.cbp gov).

Please lean on our team of experts to assist with all of your travel needs, large and small. If you prefer self-service, you may wish to engage through the convenience of digital distribution, particularly the all-new AAA Digital Guide TourBook. It provides the same trusted travel information that our members have counted on since 1926 but is now available with just a few taps or clicks on your smartphone, tablet or desktop device. Included are tips from travel experts in the field who have actually experienced the very places and adventures you are considering. And there is ample content from our travel editors, as well. You can also obtain advice from AAA expert inspectors with the AAA Diamond-designated hotels and restaurants program.

We're just a call (1-800-874-7317) or click ( away.

Safe travels.