President's Message - May / June 2020

Check Off, Your Checkup
Kirk Hendrix

Inasmuch as an annual physical is important to your health, a periodic review of your insurance coverages can help ensure your financial well-being. Besides this being a generally good practice, it becomes increasingly important when life’s circumstances change. At AAA our Hoosier Motor Club Insurance Agency can help you navigate. For instance:


  • Did you recently get married, have a baby, or experience another life-changing event?
  • Have you renovated, downsized, or upsized your home?
  • Have you acquired a vacation or rental property?
  • Bought a boat?
  • Do you have a new driver in your family?
  • Or acquired valuable items such as jewelry, artwork, collectible coins or electronic equipment?


You may want to adjust your insurance coverage depending on answers to questions like these. Doing so will help confirm that you are properly insured, and in some cases, proper adjustments can save you money.


When considering homeowner or renter’s insurance, is the liability coverage on your policy adequate? Do you need flood insurance (as homeowner policies do not cover floods)? Have you done a home inventory of your possessions? We recommend doing so and storing online or in a safe deposit box. 


You may want to evaluate your auto coverage. If you have an aging vehicle, consider removing collision coverage. If you have changed jobs, retired, or plan to make considerable changes to your travels (more or fewer long-distance trips) you may want to adjust your policy to reflect annual mileage. If your child is off to college with a car that is covered under your policy, or, if they are leaving the car behind…be sure to inform your agent.


And with so much at stake, is this the time to underscore your protection with a personal umbrella policy for additional liability coverage?


Let us know if we can help. AAA is one of the nation’s largest insurers. We have professional insurance agents located in 14 offices across most of Indiana. Call (866-209-8442), click (, or come in. Please be sure to ask your agent or insurance customer service representative about special AAA member rates, multi-policy, good student and other valuable discounts. The attractive discounts provided to AAA members are worth discovering.