Travel Editorial - What's Your Favorite Vacation


AAA asks our Travel Agents: “What’s Your Favorite Vacation?” 

We’ve all had many days of dreaming about those trips that we have, or have not yet, taken. A few of our travel agents shared some of their personal vacations that left a mark and inspire them day to day – from their heart to yours. 

Maybe some of their stories have likewise inspired you! For full-service vacation planning, contact our AAA Travel Agents today. Our travel professionals are experts in the industry and can help guide you through planning the next perfect getaway, while providing great value to your wallet and peace of mind. When the time is right, travel with confidence with AAA. 


My favorite vacation (thus far) has been to London, England. Although I was only able to spend about 3 days there, the British capitol stole my heart, and I’ve been dreaming to go back ever since. The history and architecture there are so awe-inspiring. I loved the hop on/hop off, open top, double decker tour bus that allowed us to see so many iconic landmarks (Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London–just to name a few) and then be able to jump off whenever we saw something interesting that we wanted to check out more in depth. We also took a boat ride down the River Thames (going under my absolute favorite, Tower Bridge) to Greenwich, where there was a really neat street fair going on with local crafts and food. A trip to London is not complete without doing some shopping (Harrods is a must) and stopping in any one of their cozy or quirky pubs for a pint of beer and some tasty fish and chips is a no-brainer. 

Missy York 
AAA Avon Service Center 
(317) 272-5134 

Why is Hilton Head Island my favorite vacation destination?  I’m a beach girl and the beaches at Hilton Head are fabulous!  Wide stretches of hard sand that you can walk or bike on for miles, play games and build sandcastles, or just relax and watch the waves.  Also, the dining options are amazing!  Fresh seafood every night, fabulous BBQ, and traditional low country cuisine.  Good thing there are a lot of bikes trails to help keep the pounds off.  Activities, activities, activities…we travel to Hilton Head with several families and there is something to do for everyone!  Some of our favorites have been Broad Creek kayaking, dolphin cruises, Aerial Adventure, putt-putt golf and shopping for souvenirs.   The highlights of our Hilton Head trips are always getting up before the sun, grabbing a cup of coffee and heading to the beach to watch the sunrise welcome the day.  

Kristin Knott 
AAA Carmel Service Center 
(317) 846-7399 


I love Nepal because it gives me the freedom to step beyond myself and just drink in the cacophony of sights, sounds, smells, colors and culture which invite and involve all of my senses. My entire self participates in the experience of Nepal. My body moves through the teeming streets of its cities, and treks through its beautiful forests. My spirit soars over the majesty of the Himalayas. My soul is filled with gratitude and grace and rejoices in the learning of new ways to embrace and share that gratitude and grace. In short, I am my full self and better for the experience.  

Andi Dosey 
AAA Greenwood/Southport Service Center 
(317) 882-1521 



In 2019, my husband and I went on Viking’s Rhine Getaway river cruise, exploring one of Europe’s best-loved rivers.  On Day 2 of our river cruise, we stopped at Breisach, which is a port in southwest Germany, and took a scenic excursion to visit the Black Forest.  On this crisp cool morning, as we went up to the forest it was almost magical with the fog and storytelling by the excellent Viking guide.  Upon arrival, they walked us around the facility and we had the chance to partake in not only eating the black forest cake but seeing a demonstration.  After being amazed that our daily calories probably were in ONE BITE, we were able to take in the colorful blown glass and famous cuckoo clocks.  These beautiful works of art would just take your breath away, but it was also so easy to watch the artisans work at their craft.  It definitely is a must-see when either taking a cruise along the Rhine or traveling in this area of Germany, as it is a beauty like no other. 

Michelle Edwards 
AAA Avon Service Center 
(317) 272-5134 

A favorite vacation for my wife and I was a mixture of sightseeing, history, and a religious pilgrimage.  We started in Egypt, where we stayed in Giza and saw the Great Pyramids.  We went to St. Catherine, which is Mount Sinai, where I ascended by camel and walked down.  We moved on to Jordan, were we visited Petra, accessed through a narrow slot canyon called Al Siq to the “Rose City,” dating back to 300 B.C.  Next, we visited Madaba, known for its 6th Century mosaic map of the Holy Land.  Our stay in Israel was brimming with tons of religious and historical sites throughout the country, ending in Jerusalem. I’ll never forget it! 

William (Bill) Herrmann 
AAA Muncie Service Center 
(765) 289-7161