Safe Travels…In The New Normal

President's Message
Kirk Hendrix

Fellow AAA Hoosier Motor Club Members:

Our ever-changing world includes the ways in which we travel.   Seems it’s getting more complex than not.  So please lean on us for assistance.  AAA Hoosier Motor Club operates the state’s largest travel agency and stands by to help you navigate travel’s new normal.  We’ll get you back on the road, in the air, or on the high seas whenever you’re ready to spring into action.  We can help create your next dream vacation, large or small, be it a driving excursion of the nation’s beautiful Heartland as featured in this month’s magazine…or something more grand.

Today’s digital environment certainly provides an opportunity for people to book their own travel on direct-to-consumer websites.  We recognize that is convenient for some.  But do you really want to be a do-it-yourselfer in times like these?  What became ever clear during the pandemic is that professional travel agent expertise can be the critical and lost component in times of stress and change.  Recently, our team spent countless hours supporting our members and customers travel needs, processing itinerary changes, cancellations and re-bookings of vacations that became necessarily delayed. With the airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators overwhelmed, each transaction could take hours and hours to complete.  Is that how you want to spend your time and energy?  We have a team of experts who can do that for you.  So if you are not currently using us for your travel needs, we encourage you to give us a try.  You will see immediate benefit.

Through all the pandemic travel-related turmoil, there is some good news, making today a good time to book.  Our agents are able to provide you with more products, more options, and more discounts.  Airlines, hotels and cruise lines are providing more flexibility now than ever before regarding reservation changes and cancellations.   Some are risk free that way.  And all are committed to delivering clean and safe environments for you.  Most U.S. airline carriers are requiring passengers and crew members to wear masks or facial coverings in gate areas and on flights.  Many have restricted seating so as to create more space between passengers.  In the terminals, airports are placing tape or markings on concourse floors to help people remain at least 6 feet apart when waiting in line.  Sneeze guards have been added throughout the terminals between customers and employees and at the gate when you scan your boarding pass.  Airlines are also limiting the number of people going down a jet bridge at one time so they can also separate and socially distance themselves. 

The American Hotel & Lodging Association has developed industry-wide Stay Safe standards for all hotels based upon CDC recommendations for personal hygiene and social distancing so that we can all feel safe and confident to travel again.  Most notably, these standards will affect the training of personnel, the use of public and communal spaces, food and beverage services, and cleaning of the facilities, all of which will make your travel safer and provide you with a greater peace of mind.  

In addition, rental car companies allow you to rent with confidence.  As example, Hertz Gold Standard Clean program disinfects cars following CDC guidelines with a 15-point cleaning process. Before rental, all vehicles receive a spotless exterior wash in addition to having all interior surfaces and compartments vacuumed, wiped and sanitized before the vehicle is sealed for your protection.

The travel industry is equipped to get us moving again.  If you know where you want to go next, AAA Hoosier Club’s Travel Agency is ready to facilitate your next trip for you…or provide suggestions and the best deals for your next dream vacation.

Let’s start today.

Kirk Hendrix
President & CEO
AAA Hoosier Motor Club