For more than eight decades, safety patrols have performed at schools across our nation, protecting classmates going to and from school, and instilling in patrollers a sense of responsibility and leadership. AAA Hoosier Motor Club is proud to be a part of such a valuable and life-saving program.

Existing Program Members: Ordering Supplies
AAA Hoosier Motor Club provides the necessary items to schools within its Indiana territory at either no cost or below cost. You may order these items at any time during the school year. Any belt or badge that is worn out or broken will be replaced for free upon return to our office.

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Important: Only schools located in the Hoosier Motor Club territory (50 county region in central Indiana) may order AAA School Safety Patrol supplies from this website. If you are from a different area, please contact your local AAA club

* Payment Information:  Orders under $5 must be PRE-PAID, however, pre-payment using check or credit card is greatly appreciated.  No shipping charges will be added for pre-paid orders.  

* To Be Billed an order must amount to more than $5.00, and please add $5.00 in shipping/handling costs on all orders not pre-paid.

New Safety Patrols
If you are interested in starting a new safety patrol in your school, the School Safety Patrol Operations Manual is now online.

AAA Hoosier Motor Club has made it their goal to stress the importance of keeping children safe as they go to and from school, as well as while they are at school. We consider it a privilege to assist schools in every way possible. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call 317-923-1500.

Want to learn more about the AAA School Safety Patrol Program? Click Here