Riding the school bus for the first time is a big step for your child.  Here are a few helpful tips to make sure you're both ready for the big day,



  • Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early. That way you don’t have to rush and the bus stays on schedule.
  • Wait for your bus in a safe place — well off the roadway.
  • Do not move toward the bus until it has come to a complete stop.
  • Enter the bus in an orderly manner, single file, and use the handrail.
  • Always follow the instructions of your school bus driver, and be courteous to your driver and fellow passengers at all times.
  • Remain in your seat, facing forward, while the bus is in motion.
  • Keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times.
  • Keep aisles clear at all times.
  • Remain quiet and orderly. Loud talking and laughing diverts the driver’s attention and could result in a serious accident.
  • Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus. If you must cross the street, always cross in front of the bus. Take 5 giant steps in front of the bus so that you can see the driver’s face. Walk out to the edge of the bus, then stop, look left-right-left, then cross the street when it is clear and go straight home.
  • If you leave something on the bus, or drop something near the bus, never return to the bus to get it. The driver may not see you come back and may begin moving the bus. Make sure that drawstrings and other loose objects are secure before getting off the bus so that they do not get caught on the handrail or in the door.
  • Never speak to strangers at the bus stop and never get into a car with a stranger. Always go straight home and tell your parents if a stranger tries to talk to you or pick you up.


  • Please discuss these tips for safe school bus riding with your child(ren) and ask them to learn the school bus driver’s name.
  • Your child(ren) should understand that school bus riding is a privilege, and that privilege can be taken away if they don’t behave.