Any time is a great time to take an adventure to Canada, but 2017 is a special year. Visit our neighbors and celebrate their 150th birthday with them!

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Reasons to Vacation in Canada

  • Ooh and aah at the Northern Lights
    Escape the light pollution of the big cities and head to Northern Canada where the aurora borealis dance across the sky in spectacular display.  On a clear winter evening, the Northern Lights will delight you and take your breath away.  Even if you don't want to journey north during the winter, the brilliant night sky in summer, bright with stars galore, is well worth the trip.
  • Take in Niagara Falls
    The American side is spectacular - no doubt about it, but for the sweeping panoramic views, you'll want to head to the Canadian side.  And if your hotel accommodations having a view of the falls is important, you'll want to book your stay in Canada.
  • See Some Polar Bears
    Head to Churchill, Manitoba for an up close and person look at this beautiful symbol of Northern Canada.  There are options for getting up close and personal...well, not too close!
  • Enjoy Their National Past Time - Hockey
    Whether you just want to take in a game or you actually want to get in on the game, Canada is a great place to enjoy hockey.  
  • Experience Lots of Natural Beauty
    The Northwest Territories are an incredible area for escaping into nature.  For an extraordinary adventure, consider a canoe journey down one of the pristine rivers in the area, such as the Keele River.
  • Capture Your Own Lobster
    Vacation at Prince Edward Island and you can haul in your own lobster trap!  It may be Canada's smallest province, but it's an area rich in sights and tastes.
  • Take a Rail Journey of Your Dreams
    Combine the romance of the rails with the extraordinary beauty of the Canadian countryside.  Our premium partner, Rocky Mountaineer, offers a wide variety of rail adventures that will show you Canada at its finest.  

Places to See & Things to Do

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