Specialized insurance provides added coverage for your prized possessions.

While some insurance providers may offer limited coverage for leisure vehicles like boats, motorcycles, or RVs within existing auto or homeowners policies, specialty insurance stands out for its comprehensive protection. These specialized policies go beyond standard coverage, offering broader options to safeguard you, your property, and others from unforeseen circumstances.

Each recreational vehicle comes with its unique set of requirements. For instance, a boat owner might prioritize coverage for fishing equipment replacement and on-water towing, whereas a motorcycle or classic car enthusiast may seek protection for custom parts and equipment.

When reviewing your policy with your insurance agent, it's essential to delve into the exclusions to gain a comprehensive understanding of what falls within and outside the scope of coverage.

With specialty insurance, you can benefit from tailored claims handling and customer service, ensuring a smoother process in the event of an incident. Moreover, policyholders often enjoy discounts tailored to their specific circumstances, such as incentives for experienced riders, completion of training courses, or memberships in rider associations or clubs.

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RV/Motorhome Insurance

Protect your investment and take advantage of flexible policy options for RVs, motorhomes, fifth-wheels, pop-ups, campers, and more. 

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Motorcycle riders

Motorcycle Insurance

Ride with peace of mind knowing that AAA has coverage options for custom parts and equipment, accessories, and more. 

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Boat and dock

Boat Insurance

Get flexible policy options for whatever kind of boat you have and coverage for your boat trailer and boat lift. 

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