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Hoosier Motor Club Office ribbon cutting

President's Message

We are thrilled to unveil the newly remodeled office and we are confident our members will like it as well!
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Everywhere you want to be to make summer memories. Dance team.

Things to Do: Central Indiana

Everywhere you want to be to make summer memories.
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Sunflowers growing in a field.

Sunshine in Bloom

Van Gogh painted them. Neil Diamond sang about them. Ryan and Camille McPeek plant them by the thousands.
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Piper Kelly at the PanAm Games: Piper Kelly celebrates her gold medal and the ticket to the Paris Olympics that came with the win. Kelly’s entirely family will travel to France to watch her compete at the Games. Photo credit: USA Climbing

Olympic ooh la la

Hoosiers are heading to Paris for the 2024 Summer Games.  
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