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Discovering you've been locked out is no fun and can put you into a panic. As a AAA member, we've got you covered. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle as a AAA member, stay calm, call AAA, wait in a safe location, have your membership information ready, and don't attempt to break into your vehicle on your own.

What to Expect When You Request Lockout Service

  1. Call AAA or place an order Online or through the Mobile App. AAA  will be able to dispatch a locksmith to your location to help you gain access to your vehicle or home.

  2. Wait in a safe location: While you wait for the locksmith to arrive, make sure you are in a safe location. If it is cold outside, try to find a warm place to wait. If it is hot outside, try to find a shaded area. It's also a good idea to stay near your vehicle or home so you can see when the locksmith arrives.

  3. Have your membership information ready: When you call AAA for assistance, make sure you have your membership information ready. This includes your membership number and any other relevant information. This will help the AAA representative to quickly locate your account and dispatch a locksmith to your location.

  4. Don't attempt to break into your vehicle: It can be tempting to try to break into your vehicle or home on your own, but this can cause unnecessary damage. Instead, wait for the locksmith to arrive and let them handle the situation.


Car Keys, locked out

Vehicle Lockout / Locksmith Service

Lost Your Car Keys or Key No Longer Operates Ignition?

Locked out? Our service technicians can quickly get you on your way.

Lost your keys or the key will no longer work? AAA will send a certified locksmith to replace your key or diagnosis your ignition problem. If the key that operates or provides access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle is lost, broken, or the service provider cannot gain entry, the Club shall provide locksmith service up to the value of your membership plan or reimbursement of commercial locksmith service.  

If necessary, the Club also will provide tow service (in accordance with the Club's towing provision). 

Home door locksmith

Home Lockout Service

Locked Out of Your Home? 
Home lockout service is available to AAA Premier members, once per membership year. Home lockout service is not transferable to any other person. The Premier member must be present at the time of service. Identification and proof of residence is required. In the case of rental property, approval of the property owner may be required. Service is subject to provider availability, and if AAA Hoosier Motor Club cannot provide service, the member will be referred to a commercial locksmith and will be reimbursed for covered service up to $100. Locksmith arrival time is based upon locksmith availability.  

If you become locked out of your residence, you can receive locksmith services to gain access to your home. Home lockout service is reserved for a Premier member's primary residence only and excludes all other buildings or locked areas. The service provides up to $100 for the cost of re-keying, changing locks or making a new key only when the lock must be drilled to gain entry to the home or if keys are lost or stolen. Any charges in excess of $100, as well as all charges associated with any other residential locksmith services, are at the expense of the Premier member.

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Member Benefits

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Towing Coverage
When you need us most - get reliable 24/7 roadside assistance, available throughout the USA and Canada.

Up to 3 miles

Up to 100 miles

One tow per household up to 200 miles, remaining tows up to 100 miles

Vehicle Lockout / Locksmith Service
If key is locked inside vehicle, lost or broken; locksmith service is covered up to the limit of benefit.

Up to $50 Up to $100 Up to $150

Home Lockout Service:
If you become locked out of your primary residence, you can receive up to $100 in locksmith services per year, per household to gain access to your home from the outside.


Emergency Fuel Delivery
When a vehicle runs out of fuel, a service technician will bring enough fuel to reach the nearest service station, or the vehicle will be towed to a facility where fuel is available. AAA cannot guarantee specific brands, octane ratings, or the availability of diesel fuel. If the vehicle will not start after fueling, towing may be provided.

Pay pump price, free delivery

Free fuel, free delivery

Free fuel, free delivery

When a vehicle becomes stuck and can be safely reached from a normally traveled roadway, service will be provided using standard automobile servicing equipment. If the vehicle cannot be safely driven after winching, it may be towed. Plus RV coverage may be required, see handbook for restrictions.

One driver/tow truck

Two drivers/two trucks, if needed

Two drivers/two trucks, if needed

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Coverage
An extension of AAA Plus. Coverage may be added to two or three-wheel motor-driven vehicles legally licensed for normal roadway use. Restrictions may apply*.


Choose AAA Plus RV  


RV Roadside Assistance Coverage
An extension of AAA Plus.  RV is considered to be a motor home,  truck with camper,  large dual wheel  pickup, travel trailer or camping trailer. Restrictions may apply*.


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Auto Theft Reward
As a deterrent to theft and vandalism, a member's car is protected by a warning stating that AAA offers a $$$ reward for information leading directly to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing a member's car or instance involving a hit and run. Restrictions apply.

$500 reward

$1,000 reward

$1,500 reward

Auto Trip Interruption Coverage
 As a AAA member, if you are involved in a collision while driving or riding in an eligible vehicle, which disables your vehicle when you are 50 miles or more away from home, AAA will reimburse for meals, accommodations and suitable transportation.  Restrictions apply.

Up to $600

Up to $1,000

Up to $1,500

Tire Service
A flat tire will be inflated or replaced with your spare tire. If you do not have a spare, towing will be provided.


AAA Approved Auto Repair
   Put your car in the hands of a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility that guarantees their work so you can get back on the road. Includes 10% member-only discounts on parts and labor at participating shops.


Annual Cost
Covers you as a passenger or as a driver.

$85 / Year

$175 / Year

$235 / Year
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*AAA Plus and Premier services have a 72-hour waiting period.  AAA Basic services begin at the start of membership.