Easy, Safe, & Fun

Life with AAA

Easy, Safe, and Fun: Life with AAA

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to reflect and take inventory of the important things in your life. One of the things that might not always come to mind is your AAA membership.  For most people, their AAA membership is there to provide peace of mind, primarily in the form of roadside assistance, should they need it – however there’s a lot more that being an AAA member can provide. Here are just a few of the many ways life with AAA is Easy, Safe, and Fun.

Today it’s easier than ever to make sure you don’t have a lapse in your AAA membership benefits by signing up for Automatic Renewal. When it’s time to renew your membership, your annual dues will be automatically charged to the credit card on file approximately 20 days prior to your membership expiration date. With Automatic Renewal, you can drive with added confidence knowing you never have to worry about not having your AAA membership when you need it most.

When it comes to booking your next vacation with ease, working with a trusted AAA Travel Agent is the way to go. Their vast knowledge will not only help alleviate the stress of planning your trip, but it will make booking it a breeze. Plus, the added assurance you’ll have knowing you have someone to call should an issue arise while you’re away, is unmatched.

Does your car need new tires, but you don’t want to spend your Saturday at the tire shop? Introducing an easy and convenient way to have your new tires installed on your car without ever leaving your home or office: My Pit Crew, a new mobile tire service from AAA.

The process is simple. Pick out tires at MyPitCrew.com, schedule your installation appointment, and then relax. A My Pit Crew technician will come to install and balance your new tires at a time and location convenient for you. Plus, as a AAA member you’ll save $25 off your installation. Visit MyPitCrew.com to start shopping for your new tires today.

To easily keep your AAA member benefits top of mind, you can access many of them right from the palm of your hand with the AAA Mobile App. Not only can you effortlessly request roadside assistance directly from the app, but it also includes your digital AAA membership card. In addition, you can also find exclusive AAA member discounts near you, wherever you are. Download the AAA Mobile App in both the iPhone and Android app stores.

AAA’s legendary Roadside Assistance is likely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the ways that your AAA membership helps keep you safe. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, your membership has you covered, should a problem arise when you’re on the road. No matter if you’ve locked your keys in the car, run out of gas, or need a tow, our roadside team is standing by to assist, 24/7.

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can put a strain on your car battery. In the event you find yourself stranded with a car that won’t start, know that our AAA team can help in more ways than one. Our AAA Mobile Battery service goes beyond a jump-start, allowing members the opportunity to, if needed, purchase a brand-new battery and have it installed onsite. AAA members even save a minimum of $25 on the price of the battery, with AAA Premier and Plus members seeing even more savings.

Making sure your vehicle is properly maintained can go a long way towards keeping you safe on the road. When it’s time to schedule your next round of routine maintenance, consider a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop. AAA has more than 7,000 AAA Approved Auto Repair locations nationwide. By taking your vehicle to one of these facilities, you can not only rest assured knowing your car is in the hands of certified technicians but as a AAA member you also save a minimum of 10% off your labor costs.

Do you have a new teen driver in the house? We know their safety is of the utmost importance. Consider enrolling them in a AAA Approved Driving School. We’ve done the homework to find high-quality driving schools to make sure your teen driver is prepared and safe on the roads. AAA has a stringent list of criteria a school must meet to become AAA Approved that evaluates everything from curriculum to instructors, facilities, and more. Plus, upon completion of a AAA Approved Driving School course, teens receive a FREE one-year AAA Classic membership.

Protecting what’s important to you includes insurance coverage that fits you and your family’s needs, whatever stage of life you’re in. For over 100 years, AAA has been there for you on and off the road. You can be sure AAA Insurance will be there for you, too. Get quality coverage and great rates from a name you trust. Contact a local agent today at AAA.com/Insurance to get a free, no-obligation quote as well as info on discounts designed exclusively for AAA members.

What’s more fun than saving money? It’s not a secret that everything’s more expensive these days. From gas to groceries, we’re all looking for ways to keep more dollars in our pockets. Your AAA membership can help.

Did you know on average AAA members save $150 each year by utilizing member discounts? It’s true! In many cases, members save so much that their membership practically pays for itself! By utilizing the AAA Discounts & Rewards® program, you have access to discounts on everything from restaurants and electronics to hotels and even gas.

The savings don’t stop there. Looking for tickets to your favorite theme park, concert, or sporting event? AAA members have access to exclusive savings on tickets to a wide variety of attractions and events. Visit AAA.com/tickets to see what tickets are available in your area.

We’re always looking to add new and exciting offerings to our AAA Travel portfolio. This past year we introduced AAA Adventure Trips! Whether you’re looking to cycle through the hills of Tuscany, snorkel with sharks in beautiful Bora Bora, or hike through Yosemite National Park, we’ve got you covered. Big, small, or somewhere in between, no matter the size of adventure you seek, there’s an AAA Adventure trip with your name on it.  

Having a vacation to look forward to is always fun, especially when working with a AAA Travel Agent. Did you know they can even save you money? In addition to complimentary travel planning, our experienced agents have access to exclusive promotions, deals, and savings available only to AAA members. Contact a AAA Travel Agent to learn more and start planning your next trip at AAA.com/Travel or visiting your local AAA office.

We hope you continue to see and experience the full value of your AAA membership, and the countless ways it can make your life with AAA easy, safe and fun.

To explore even more AAA member benefits, visit AAA.com.