Member Spotlight - Christi Dee

A Marathon Marvel

Meet Christi Dee, a remarkable athlete whose passion for running has taken her across finish lines around the globe. In a feat that places her among an elite group of runners, Christi conquered all six World Marathon Majors last April in Boston. This incredible achievement ranks her among a select group of less than 1,300 American women and only 12,000 people worldwide to have completed this prestigious series. 

Sponsored by Abbott, the World Marathon Majors is a collection of the most illustrious marathons on the planet. The series includes three iconic races in the United States—Boston, Chicago and New York City—and extends its reach globally with marathons in Berlin, London and Tokyo. Christi's journey through these renowned courses is not just a testament to her athletic prowess, but also her unwavering dedication and spirit.  

2023 marked a significant turning point for Christi. Not only did she achieve the monumental goal of finishing all six World Marathon Majors, but she also embraced a major career shift. After over two decades as the Vice President of Operations at a thriving small business, Christi decided to follow her heart into the world of running. She's now a certified RRCA Running Coach and a UESCA Certified Endurance Sports Nutrition Coach. Her new venture, This Blonde Runs, is already making waves in the running community. You can discover more about her coaching services at 

But Christi's aspirations don't stop there. She's set her sights on running marathons across all seven continents, with the Sydney Marathon lined up for September 2024. Her relentless pursuit of running excellence is truly inspiring. 

Christi's partnership with AAA Hoosier Motor Club is a crucial part of her journey. Whether she's finishing a chilly, snowy run or facing car troubles, she knows AAA is always there to help. One of her favorite AAA benefits? The mobile battery service. It's not just a personal preference; it's a family affair. When her college-aged daughter faced a dead battery, AAA's reliable service ensured she was back on the road safely and swiftly. 

Christi Dee's story is one of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of dreams. Her achievements in the running world are extraordinary, and her journey continues to inspire us all. As she races towards new horizons, we at AAA Hoosier Motor Club are proud to support her every step of the way. 

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