Presidents Message Cruising's Return

Set Sail with AAA Travel
Kirk Hendrix

The cruise industry has been challenged in recent years, as have we all, with great uncertainty. Today, however, I'm pleased to report that the tides are turning, and people are eager to set sail. In fact, a new AAA study finds that 52% of U.S. adults are just as likely, or more likely, to consider taking a cruise vacation as they were before the pandemic. And I can understand why. 

I recall the first time my family boarded a major cruise line. While I was curious about the cruising experience, it wasn't necessarily something atop my personal travel list at the time, yet my family encouraged us to try it, so off we went. Turns out, I enjoyed the experience far more than I ever imagined. The ships are dramatic, and the onboard offerings robust. There was something intriguing for everyone in my family and plenty of things for us to enjoy together, as well. It was highly entertaining and great family fun. 

And river cruising is in a league of its own. Having always been on my travel list, I was eager for that experience, and it did not disappoint! The intimacy of the smaller ship, the easy access on-and­off to charming destinations, the enlightening excursions, plus the terrific food and service onboard was grand. We'll be back! 

I encourage you to take a good look at AAA cruising options as they are booking up fast. 

For the landlubber, we can support you, too, on your next driving vacation. There is big movement afoot to return to printed maps, imagine that. Even the younger generations have developed an appetite. And as originators of the TripTik®, we can still guide you from Point A to Point B by virtue of a custom TripTik journey. Order yours -- either print or digital -- at® or by contacting your local AAA office. 

Be it by land, air, or sea ... we can help navigate your road ... 
or water ... ahead.