President's Message - Ready for Adventure?

Kirk Hendrix

Fellow AAA members:

Ready for adventure? 

We may have just what you’re looking for.


Inasmuch as COVID has affected our lives, if nothing else, it taught us that every moment counts…that now is the time to do those things we have always wanted to do, visit the places we have always wanted to see…and experience life to the fullest measure, all while marking a thing or two off our bucket lists.

For decades, many of you have trusted us with your travel plans and have benefited from our expert service in helping you plan trips.  Included amongst those are international excursions, exceptional cruise line experiences, even rail travel across Canada and the U.S. Rockies.  Others have taken jaunts across the United States, visited Disney and America’s amazing national parks, or opted for shorter road trips within our own state.  And now, in addition to these traditional offerings, AAA Hoosier Motor Club is offering NEW opportunities for you to experience different and unique ADVENTURE TRIPS.

We have already launched some of these new adventure travel programs.  For instance, a Wyoming Family Adventure where you can actively experience the great outdoors and stunning vistas of the West.  Or test yourself by  Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain either as a participant or spectator from a balcony above the street.  You may desire to pedal through the rolling green hills, vineyards, and olive groves of Tuscany, Italy with our Cycle Tuscany Adventure or hike the Solheimajokul Glacier or river raft in Skagafijordour on an Icelandic Family Adventure.  Prefer warmer climes?  How about snorkeling with the sharks and stingrays or kayaking in Tahiti & the Pearls of a French Polynesia excursion?

Now is the time to dust off that bucket list and contact your local AAA Travel Agent by calling (800) 874-7317, visiting us at or swinging by a local AAA branch today.  Let us help you plan your next lifelong travel memory, be it one of these new adventures, or creating one of your own.

Thank you.  Safe travels.